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Many food processing companies request a generic test that allows them to verify the presence or absence of allergens on surfaces. Technically it is not possible to offer a generic test that fits the needs of each company. However, it is possible to establish a monitoring program that allows to control and reduce the presence of traces of allergens on surfaces once they are clean. Hygiena proposes us to choose between the following options:

Test for ATP detection

In some manufacturing processes, the change of products with the presence of allergens to products without allergens is very fast. The combination of the SuperSnap device with the EnSURE equipment allows the hygiene of the surfaces to be checked. This ATP system, highly sensitive, allows to identify in 15 seconds the presence of residues containing allergens at levels like allergen-specific tests. Incorporating SuperSnap into a prevention program allows you to detect your presence in real time and take immediate preventive and corrective measures.

Test for detection of protein residues

An alternative to the ATP test in the assessment of the presence of allergens is the ALLERSnap high sensitivity protein test. Its sensitivity is equivalent to specific tests for allergens.

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