Microbial ATP Control Kit for Dairy Products

This Sensilux® kit ensures rapid microbial control of preincubated samples of sterile or UHT milk and dairy products; it could be used also for ESL products. The kit is designed to be used with BC’s provided equipment and proprietary software, but it is compatible with several luminometers. Allows 1.000 tests.

ATP-Bioluminescence has become a routine rapid method in the industry to detect potential microbial contaminations. It contributes to a quicker release of finished products and reduces inventory and warehouse leadtimes.

  • 5 vials of ATP-ase Reagent – L (lyophilized)

  • 5 vials of Diluent – M (10 ml)

  • 5 vials of Luciferin Luciferase – R (lyophilized)

  • 5 vials of Buffer LL (10 ml)

  • 2 bottles of Releasing Reagent – M (25 ml)