Make the routine release of your finish product fast, easy and reliable. Supported by more than 30 years of experience serving the Food industry. Quality Control area with rapid testing methods, BC launches internationally its SensiLux® kits, designed for detection of microbial ATP presence by Bioluminescence.

The ATP methodology allows for limited or no manipulation of samples and offers very fast results (48-72h). This contributes to reduce the time needed for batch release and therefore to stocks reduction in your warehouse.

Sensilux® reagents and BC equipment are specially designed to determine the presence/absence of microbial ATP by Bioluminescence in pre-incubated samples of UHT and ESL products. The current applications of specific kits include dairy products, vegetable extract beverages, fruit juices, creams and broths, sauces and several other preparations.
We provide the Sensilux® range of ATP-kits, in connection with multi-injector robust automatic luminometers, a proprietary control software and potential robot-based sampling automation, to offer our customers complete solutions tailored to their specific needs. A department of programming and computer systems for the design and support of new applications has developed specific proprietary software for controlling robot operation and luminometer functions.
Our first objective at BC is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we take customer and technical support very seriously. Reducing to the minimum the turnaround time to solve any incidence helps QC departments at clients to return to their normal operation and batch release faster.